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  • Here's what parents are saying about us:
    • “We love the program and the teachers. I think this is the best music class in the city, and I plan to continue coming. My daughter has been going since she was 6 months old and absolutely loves it. I particularly appreciate that the teachers are very personable, very good with the children, and go the extra mile to keep the toys and instruments very clean and neat – a complaint I’ve had about other music classes. Also, they have beautiful voices! What a treat for the parents. Thank you for developing such a lovely program”.

      Mona - Mother of a 2 year old and 2 month old
    • “My daughter LOVES her teachers. It has been amazing watching her in the class. She used to be very shy, but now she is singing and dancing. She gets VERY excited when she realizes its music school day. Michelle and Leigh Anne are not only excellent teachers, but also extremely kind and compassionate. The kids just love them and so do I. I think this is the best music class in the city, and I’ve been to several.”

      Sarah - Mother of a 2 year old
    • “We LOVE the class and are looking forward to attending our next session, which will be our 4th. Michelle and Leigh-Ann are fantastic teachers – extremely welcoming and friendly and warm. They are also beautiful singers. We listen to the CDs frequently, both at home and in the car, and enjoy signing the songs a lot. I can see that my daugther really enjoys attending the class and gets a great deal out of it. I feel very lucky to have been able to find the program and am grateful!”

      Rory - Mother of an 18 month old girl, Toronto
    • “We like the classes and the teachers a lot. Our daughter LOVES going each week and even requested a private session for her birthday party. She is more confidant and is responding more to music than ever before!”

      Hassel - Mother of a 3 year old